Friday, May 15, 2009

Water play

Yesterday was college planning day, and today we're in toddler mode. Woke up to a beautiful morning, and Hayden wanted to play outside. What can I say, living in southern California is great. I just have to open the back door, and Hayden can run out to play dressed only in a diaper. We had a busy morning; we filled his sand and water table, and we filled his old baby bathtub with water. And then we splashed and splashed until the water was gone. But, we weren't ready to quit just yet. So, we filled it again and again. Yes, I did spray him with SP factor 50, before allowing his little naked butt to run free.
We do have a real pool, and it's fenced in for Hayden's sake. It hasn't really been broken in for the summer yet, but it's sparkling clean since I scrubbed it yesterday and adjusted the chemicals. Hayden really wanted to try it out too. So, we sat on the stairs into the pool and splashed some more. The water actually felt pretty good. Not too cold. So, this weekend I think we'll get in for real. Welcome summer!

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