Thursday, May 14, 2009

Single parent week

Two more days until hubby comes home...can't wait. Did I mention he is in Hawaii for a convention. Not that I can't handle being alone, actually sometimes it's kind of nice, but its hard being a single parent. This week I have had to do all the cooking, driving to school, getting up at night with Hayden, watering outside plants, scrubbing the pool and checking pool chemicals, and of course parenting two teenagers and a toddler. It makes me really appreciate what I have. My husband mostly work out of the house, so we can share a lot of the responsibilities.
But, I am the softie so when he is gone I get over run with requests. "Can we get take out for dinner?", "Can I have a sleep over?", "Can you take me to my friend's house?", "Can I...?", "Can I...?", "Can I...?" My ears are falling off...did I mention Hayden is the easy one.
In addition to being mom, chauffeur, short order cook, maid, therapist, and "the pool guy" I also have a "real job". I am an RN in a community hospital ICU. Not that I am working that much at the moment, only a weekend or two a month. But every little bit helps. It pays for the groceries, and I keep my foot in the door. I've made the decision to stay home with Hayden as long as possible since neither of us are great fans of daycare. . No offense anyone...

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