Friday, May 22, 2009

Date night

We went to the movies last night. We saw "Angels and Demons".....great movie. Our 16 year old took us while the 15 year old stayed home with Hayden!!! The 16 year old works at the movie theater and is allowed to bring two guests for free on weekdays. She has been asking us for quite awhile "Don't you guys want to see a movie?", "I'll get you in for free!" Great perks having teenagers when you have a toddler. Not only do we have built in babysitters, but now we also have a "date night" coordinator. And best of all...our date didn't cost a penny.
As we are sitting in our seats, waiting for the movie to start, we're talking about when was the last time we saw a movie in a theater. We looked at eachother, and I said, "I think it was summer of 2007.", "I was 7 months pregnant with Hayden, and we saw Oceans Thirteen."
Our 16 year old stared at us in disbelief, "You guys are pathetic".

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