Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Last night I walked in to my 15 year old daughter's room to look for the house phone. She wasn't home, so I didn't knock. It was a pigsty in there. Half of her clothes were on the floor, under the bed, and on top of chairs. There were probably 4 drinking glasses in there, each with a science experiment in the bottom. Then on top of that there were probably 5 bath towels in there, all on the floor...and of course damp. How can anybody live like that? I worked all weekend and didn't check up on her, but I did tell her to clean her room. I distinctively remember that. I am going to wring her little neck...beause I do have a rule. If I am to pay you an allowance you keep your room clean, and you do our own laundry. But, like an idiot, I paid the allowance without checking. Well, shame on me, but if she thinks I will let her get her driver's permit she better clean up her act.

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