Monday, May 11, 2009

A summary of me

I'm originally from Sweden, but have lived in California for 19 years. I'm married for the second time, and together we have five children. His, mine, and ours. My two beautiful bonusdaughters are 16 and 20, then I have a beautiful 15 year old daughter, a handsome eighteen year old son, and together we have Hayden 19 months. He's our little miracle baby, our pride and joy, and constant source of fatigue. When you're past 40 (acually 44), somehow our bodies don't adjust as well to the sleepless nights. I am still waiting for him to sleep through.... Our friends, who also have teenagers, probably thought we were crazy for starting all over. We were all dealing with teenage driving, curfews, "boyfriends", and college planning when all of a sudden we found ourself back in diaper mode. It's been different, but a blessing. My days are now filled with walks in the park, rediscovering nature's creatures, mommy and me classes, and discussing colleges with my teens. It's a challenge at times, but also hilarious trying to balance the gearshifting between toddler and teens. The three oldest are all driving, and my youngest teen is taking her online driver's ed. Phew...We survived the first three, so we are pros now, but I am thankful to having a few years until the last one gets ready for driving and SATs. I wanted to share my experience with others and hopefully get feedback from others having made similar choices.....


  1. Din lilla bajsråtta! HUR kunde du starta blogg utan att berätta!!!

    Tack för nomineringen hos Linda! Du är bäst!

    Om du inte följer henne, så gör det. Hon är helt störd.

    Kram på´re!

  2. Men lilla gumman, du ar ju proffs. Jag tankte jag skulle fa lite kott pa benen forst
    Bamsekramar till dig

  3. Vadå proffs?! Jag har bara jävligt svårt för att sluta och prata, och då passar ju en blogg bra. Sen har ju för fasen kört sen 2007!!