Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wake Up

I know I have been one..., a teenager, but I can't remember acting the way teenagers do nowadays. They screw up and they get mad at you or someone else. It's never their fault; the list of excuses go on and on. My daughter tells me she wants to get her driver's permit before going to Sweden on June 14th. Legally, she can't obtain a permit until June 5th (6 months before turning 16). And before she can get a permit she has to complete online driver's ed, pass the DMV test, and be signed up with a certified driving school. So, she is taking the online driver's ed classes, but ever so slowly. There were a total of 22 sections, and I believe she has completed 13.
If it was me, I would have completed the darn thing in a weekend. She is dragging it out, and when I ask her how the hell she thinks she is going to complete everything before Sweden, she has all these dumb excuses. I said, "Listen, the last test will be cummulative and so will the DMV test. If you take too long, you will have forgotten what you learned in the first sections, and you won't pass." She wants to drive so bad, but she doesn't want to do the work. When I remind her that she is the only one that can make it happen, and it is all in her hands, she gets irritable, and I dont understand how much she has to do. Hello..., you barely do your homework, you fake cleaning your room, you spend hours on the phone and the computer everyday. Don't have time...yeah right! You ain't driving my car unless you know the rules of the road and mine.

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