Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Little Gentle "Giant"

Took Hayden to "My Gym" this morning. We go every Wednesday for an hour. He had so much fun. It's hilarious watching him tumble and try out new things. He is not as coordinated as some of the little girls; they are like little monkeys, but he is having fun. I guess Hayden is more like a gorilla in comparison. Not as graceful if you know what I mean.
Hayden is a big boy, only 19 months, but he weighs 33 lbs (that's 15 kg, for you my Swedish friends). He is not fat, just big and tall. He looks like a 2 1/2 year old. The little girls in the class are peanuts weighing 5-10 lbs less. That makes a difference if you're going to hold yourself up on the monkey bars.
Hayden is the gentle giant, so sweet and goodnatured, and a total pushover. The other kids can snatch something from his hands and he will just look at them in disbelief, but then find something else to do. But Hayden is smart; he can count to 5 in English and to 10 in Swedish. He recognizes about 20 of the letters of the alphabet in random order. And no, we have not been pushing academics down his throat. He has these foam letters for the bathtub, and he loves to hold them up and ask, "What's this?" So, I answer...and he picked it a little sponge.

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