Monday, June 1, 2009

Teenagers for adoption available

If anybody out there wants to adopt a couple of teenagers I am willing to give mine away. The 15 year old spent most of the weekend lying on her bed, with the boyfriend next to her, watching TV and sleeping. She skipped breakfast, ate crap all day, stayed upp all night Saturday painting (on a canvas in her bed) and of course ruined her bed spread and sheets. Come 8 o'clock Sunday morning she declares "I am going to bed now because I have been up all night painting and now I am so tired. I told her she could have a 2 hour nap, but then she needed to stay awake or she would not sleep again on Sunday night. By 10 am her boyfriend arrived and she had to wake up. They stayed laying on her bed "watching movies" but really falling asleep again. This is how hey spent their Sunday. I make her leave her door open when the boyfriend is over. That's our house rule. No closed doors when boyfriends are over. No hanky panky in my house.
Of course she didn't sleep well Sunday night and was soooo tired when she had to go to school Monday morning. She texted me from school wanted me to pick her up. I told her absolutely not. Then she called her dad, and he called me asking why I couldn't pick her up. I told him, so he decided he wouldn't pick her up either. Now she is mad at me.
So, not only did I have to spend my anniversary dealing with an obstinate 15 year old, but our 16 year old totaled her car. She rear ended a lady in a van at a trafficlight. could you miss that? What about paying attention? Her excuse? The brakes didn't work!!! My husband checked the brakes afterwards...and they worked fine. This is going to be expensive.
All of a sudden having a 20 month old with poor sleephabits and tempertantrums seems like a walk in the park in comparison.

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