Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Good Day

Today was a good day. I hiked in the mountains with my 20 year old bonus daughter, and my 20 month old son. My youngest and my oldest...aaaw....they are the only ones, except for my husband, that will hike with me. My oldest daughter is my rock. I know I can always depend on her when I need to. The two teenage girls spend all their free time on the computer, on their cellphone, or watching TV. God forbid they would volunteer for any physical activity. My 18 year old son is mostly hanging out with his girlfrind or at the gym when he is not at school, so I don't see him much, but when I do we always have a good time. He is off to college in the fall, so I am getting used to letting go. It was hard at first, but he is an incredibly good kid, and very creative and smart. I have high hopes for him. But, I guess to be fair I have to give the other two girls at home a couple of more years to mature. I'm not throwing in the towel just yet.

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