Sunday, May 23, 2010


Haven't been in here for a few days. It's been a little rough. My dad is still in the hospital, so we have been spending a lot of time there. This trip didn't end up the way I thought. But when does it ever go the way we think?

Now I have to return home with the knowledge that my dad is still in the hospital;they are still waiting for a solution to their living arrangements. My parents live in an appartment without an elevator. My dad can't walk. Too much strain on his lungs. At the moment he is in a rehab hospital with the idea that he'll get stronger, so that he can return home. But there is no way he can return to their appartment. The hallway and doorways are too narrow for a wheel chair, they have a bath tub not a walk in shower which he needs. So, either someone has to come here and make this appartment workable with a wheel chair or the social services elder care department has to assist them in finding something suitable. They have put their names down for a senior living appartment that is close to a local mall and has an elevator and the amenities that they may need. But the line is long. There are too many elderly in this community with similar problems. And my parents don't have the finances to buy something on their own. So they are at the mercy of the "system" which seems to work best for people who demand things with loud voices. My parents were brought up in the era where you wait your turn, you don't keep calling a government agency to demand things. So, I will have to do this for them. I've already called once during my time here. I will write them a letter today, and place a second call. That's all I can do. Tomorrow I'm leaving for home!

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