Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back Home

Yeay! We made it back home! It was a long flight with gross food and unpleasant neighbors, but we survived the ordeal. So proud of Hayden. He had a few moments, but all in all he did this trip like a pro. When we got home I realize the extent of the waterdamages that my poor husband had to endure. What a project! And my husband had hoped to have it all finished by the time I got home. I think he was a little over optimistic. They had just started the floors yesterday, and they are still painting in the kitchen! All our furniture are either in the garage or outside. So, basically we have no kitchen for a few days, and really no place to be but upstairs. But, it's going to look so good when it's done. Love the new floor! Dark Brazilian cherry...a beautiful hardwood floor!


  1. Fan så jag grämer mig över att vi inte hann träffas. Vi pratade ju fan INGENTING på festen.

    Jag håller tummarna för att din pappa ska bli bättre.


  2. Ja du Mona, inte todde jag att det skulle bli sa har. Pappa blev ju inlagd dagen efter reunion festen. Todde vi skulle ha nan "girls' night" antingen ute pa stan eller hemma hos dig. Det var trakigt att vi inte hann ses och snacka. Ja, livet blir inte alltid som man tankt sig och det ar val smallar man far ta! Hoppas vi ses na du kommer til USA. Kram.