Monday, May 17, 2010

How to Finish Unfinished Business

So my return date is getting closer. I have to admit that I'm homesick, but I still have unfinished business here. My dad is still in the hospital, and there are too many loose ends! One good thing is that they have moved him to a hospital closer to my mom.

I started my day out visiting the department in the social service system that deals with elder care and assistance. Needed some paper work for my dad to fill out. Then I continued to the mall and did some shopping for the big kids back home. Mind you I walked to this mall which is about 3 miles from my parent's appartment. And I walked back! Needed the exercise to clear my head. Spend some time at home on the phone with the stupid cable company because we still have no working phone! It's been almost a week! No success there; they claim it's a local problem that they haven't been able to find! They said they will text me when they do! Thank you very much Comhem! After that I took the car and visited my dad and had him fill out the paperwork. Then back home again. Fed the toddler who didn't want to eat, had dinner with mom, entertained the toddler, read some stories,and time. I would love to read just a few pages in my book before I pass out!

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