Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Busted Water Line

It's never a good sign when you get a facebook message from your husband when you're out of the country that says "Call home". My phone had been off, and I just happened to turn my sister's computer on to check my mail. We'd had a water leak! I mean a major water leak! A "busted main water line in the bathroom" type of leak. My husband was out with the dog when it happened, and the girls were sleeping, but heard the water. They desperately called my husband on his cell, and then frantically tried to shut off the water and start cleaning up the mess. My husband said our bath room and bedroom were in 3" of water, and of course it had leaked through the ceiling to the kitchen downstairs. Major water damages. All floors need to be removed. It leaked through the ceiling over the island stove. Of course we'll have to replace sheetrock and drywall too. I wanted new floors, but not like this! We have home owner's insurance, but that never covers the true costs of replacing all this. It doesn't feel good since I just spent $2,500.00 on my Sweden trip. Like I didn't have enough to worry about! My dad is my major concern right now since he has deteriorated dramatically since I saw him last summer. I didn't need this headache!

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