Thursday, March 11, 2010

Success party

The surprise birthday party I threw for my friend yesterday at her house was a success. She knew that something was up because her daughter had told her not to leave the house and to not eat dinner. However, she thought someone was picking her up for dinner. Little did she know that champagne, dinner, and dessert was coming to her. Wish I had brought my camera to capture the look on her face.

When she realize we were staying in she said "Wait, let me run and turn the jaccuzzi on because it'll take awhile." I couldn't help but saying, "Honey, your jaccuzzi is already on. My people took care of it." Well, needless to say we had a blast. We ate the sushi and polished off one bottle of champagne inside the house; then we brought dessert and a second bottle of champagne to the jaccuzzi. One friend couldn't make it, but the birthday girl's daughter came home early from work and took her place. So here we were, four women ranging from the tender age of 19 to the more mature age of 53, solving the problems of the world. Two hours later when I noticed my fingertips looking like raisins, we called it a night. This is what I call quality time with friends!

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