Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Night

Some friends of ours had an Oscar party last night. The red carpet was rolled out and there were a lot of good food and drinks. So, in honor of the occasion I dressed up in a lot of bling bling...a silvery mini dress, sparkling tights, high heeled black boots and layers of silver chains around my neck. Maybe over the top, I know, but what the heck? Having a toddler we don't get out least not to occasions were the dresscode is dressy. So, I had fun with it.
However, I almost had to fight the toddler for the necklaces. As soon as he saw me all dressed up and wearing the "fun" layers of silver chains, he stated "I want my necklace" "It's my necklace"! This went on and on throughout the evening. Because, yes of course we brought the toddler to the party. It was a fun family oriented event. Luckily there was an 11 year old boy there that caught my angel's attention and finally he forgot about the necklaces.

Our friends hosting the party had an Oscar game in place. We all had ballots with all the categories so that we could cast our vote. At the end there was going to be a price. We had only seen a couple of the nominated movies, so I felt a little lost in judging the them. We had seen Avatar and Hurtlocker, both amazing movies. My husband is great with these kind of games, so even though he had only seen a couple of the movies he won the game. Luckily the price was movie tickets, so I get to go enjoy it too...ha,ha. All in all, we had a lot of fun, and I think especially the toddler who got to hang out with a "big" kid for the evening.

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