Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Two Year Old's World

So my toddler woke me up around midnight, and I had to lay down in his bed unless I wanted the whole house to wake up. This is nothing new. We pretty much do this every night. He ends up in our bed or one of us ends up in his. He is a very light sleeper, and has a very hard time going back to sleep on his own. Well, I could deal with this better if he would just sleep quietly next to me, but he tosses and turns, and he whines and snores. Not to mention when he occasinally will just steamroller right over me. Well, I could even deal with this, but when he is up for good at 5:30 and is frantically searching for this one shirt that he wants to wear... an uggly, dingy white one...that's when I want to scream. His favorite shirt for some strange reason. Poor daddy is trying to reason with him. "How about this blue Spider man shirt?" The toddler has a fit, and yells "No" and just has to have the white shirt. Mom finds the uggly shirt in the bottom of the laundry pile and throws it in the wash. The we find a white t shirt with spiderman on it, and he agreed to wear it. So, after breakfast I went online and ordered 4 white longsleeve t shirts, and 4 shortsleeve shirts. Gotta be prepared.

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