Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Car trouble part 2

It's not my day....We may have bought a real lemon for the 17 year old. Had it towed yesterday to our mechanic who believes the headgasket may be blown. There is oil in the radiator. He won't know until he takes the engine apart, but according to the agreement we signed, the car has to be repaired by the sellers mechanic or the warranty will not come in to play. Our mechanic thinks we're looking at $1800 worth of repairs. My husband, poor thing, who has to deal with this stuff from out of town, called the dealer and had them pick up the car from our mechanic. A few hours later my husband gets a call from the dealer saying the car is fixed. It was "only a hose" that had broke. Hmmm.....somebody is either blatantly lying or doesn't know shit about cars. I guess we'll find out tomorrow how this drama will unfold.


  1. "real lemon": heter det så? Är det likvärdigt med "måndagsexemplar"? Aldrig hört förut men roligt att lära sig något nytt!

  2. Inte riktigt an. Men man ar val pa god vag. Hayden vaknar mellan 5 och 5:30 varje morgon och han vaknar minst en gang pa natten.