Monday, August 17, 2009

Car trouble

So, my husband is out of town. He left yesterday to San Diego for a convention. He'll be back Wednesday. Today, my 17 year old left the house to go visit her boyfriend who lives 15 minutes from car. We just bought her car a little over a week ago...a used 2003 Hyundai Sonata. She called me 15 minutes after she left and said "My car just died"!!! Well, did you put gas in it? I know....stupid question maybe, but trust me; in this family one has to ask these sort of things.
She told me she had a 3/4 tank and that her boyfriend was on his way to take a look at it. Meanwhile my almost 16 year old texts me and ask to be picked up from babysitting, and almost instantaneously the toddler has climbed up on the tall kitchen chair and proudly announces that he needs a new diaper...(like I couldn't smell it). I took a deep breath and counted to 10. Of course the car had to break down today. My husband, who is the mechanically inclined one, is out of town, so if something is to brake, this is the time. Last night the dishwaher broke!
Almost everytime my husband leaves town somebody has car trouble. I can honestly say that no one in the family has ever broken down while he is at home and would have been able to fix it. No instead we've had to call AAA and we've had cars towed to the mechanic more than once. So, now I had to delegate.
First, I called the husband to notify him and get the number to our mechanic, then I gave him the number to the person whom we bought the car from. I wanted my husband to talk to him about paying for any possibly repairs. Supposedly we have a 30 day warranty on the damned thing. Secondly I called my friend whom my daughter was baby sitting for and asked if she could bring her home since I had some stuff to deal with. Third, I dealt with the toddler and the diaper. By now, the kid with the car trouble called back and said her boyfriend diagnosed the car with over heating. He put coolant in it... (guess the level was too low) and halleluliah the car started. We're still going to have our mechanic look at it, and also notify the seller, but at least she can drive it home...for now.

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