Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm Back

My sleep deprivation took the best of me, so blogging became a luxury I couldn't keep up with. So, I decided to put it on ice for awhile. Now I have come to the realization that unless I am willing to wait until the toddler graduates from highshool I should just write regardless. A very good friend of mine pointed out to me that I have to carve out some "me time"...and writing is just that. Time for me to reflect on my day, share thoughts and ideas, vent, and to let my friends and others catch a glimpse of pieces of my day.

So, what happened with the car drama??? It all worked out in the end...$375 later our 17 year old got her car fixed. Guess who footed the bill? We took it back to our mechanic who replaced not just one hose, but several and did a tune up. The con car salesman never pitched a dime towards the repairs. So much for a 30 day warranty. And before we know it we may soon be in the same position....looking for a "new" used car that is. My 16 year old will soon be taking her "Behind the wheel" test. She's had her permit for almost 6 months come December... Watch out everyone! Actually she will be driving my car in the beginning because we have a policy in this household. You need to have a job to afford the privilige of owning a car, and secondly you need to help pay at least half the cost of the car. I know, we're evil parents. My 16 year old daughter does not have a job except for some occasional babysitting job...and she is not busting her butt looking for one either. So, she'll be in for a reality shock soon. It'll take many babysitting hours to buy even the smallest, cheapest car...

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