Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving reflections

So, another thanksgiving has come and gone. We spent all day cooking, and I mean all day. I believe we started around 9 am. My husband and I chopped ingredients for stuffing, we peeled regular potatoes and sweet potatoes, we prepared green beans for two different kinds of green bean casseroles, we stuffed the turkey and got it in the oven on time. And the night before we had even prepared a pumpkin cheesecake that was to die for. In between cooking we cleaned pots and pans used during cooking. It was like a never ending process. Finally at 6 pm the turkey had been carved, the potatoes were mashed and all other food were out on platters waiting to be served. We had quite the group around the dinner table, and yet we hardly made a dent in the amount of food that had been prepared. And yet it was all soo delicious. We will have days of left overs. When will I ever learn? Maybe it's time to stop stressing over the holidays and order in some pizzas instead.

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