Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Glad to be Home

Finally I have the privacy, the time, and opportunity to come back to my blogg and write. Three weeks in Sweden went by in a blurr. I can't believe I'm back already. Thank God...I wanted to kiss my driveway as I stepped out of the car from the airport. I love my parents and the rest of my family, but I had absolutely no privacy. Not that I have any secrets, but I like to check my emails and I do enjoy writing in my blogg without having anyone looking over my shoulder or bugging me about wanting the computer. Yes, we all shared one, and my kids wanted to be on 24/7. It was a little tiresome. It was like they never left home. They talked to their boyfriend respectively girlfriend several times a day. Hello, we're in Europe...maybe you guys should try to go out and "do something".

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