Monday, June 14, 2010

Post Graduation Thoughts

Woke up at 5 am to say goodbye to my mother in law who was flying back to Missourri after spending a few days with us celebrating the middle daughter's high school graduation. The other set of grandparents left on Friday. So, now it's just us for a day before we get an invasion of Swedes. Jokes aside, I do look forward to my brother and his family's visit. It's just that it's been so hectic here that we haven't had much time to breath. I got back from Sweden 3 weeks ago. The renovations from the waterdamages were just completed days before gaduation guests arrived.
We've spent a lot of time and money to pull everything together, and I still have a bunch of loose ends to tie, but oh well, we'll get there too I suppose.

So the middle daughter just gaduated. She will enter community college in the fall and hopefully transfer to UCLA in two years. That's her plan, she says. Well, her boyfriend just moved out of his parents' and into his own appartment. So, how long do you think before she leaves the nest and joins him? She turns 18 in July. I can just pray that she keeps a good head on her shoulders and realize that wanting adult priviliges entails adult responsibilities. Yes, I can see how exciting it may sound to have your own place, but paying bills and dealing with other adult responsibilites may side track her from her educational path. And that would be a shame!

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