Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Morning

Just finished a great cup of chai yummie. Had a great day yesteday at Venice beach and on Third Street. It seems like when it's just the family we don't do too much on the weekends, but now with family visiting from Sweden, we're having a pretty busy schedule. I'm quit enjoying it.

Venice beach was packed, and the weather was perfect. Having two little boys with us, Hayden and his cousin Morgan, we couldn't run into too many stores, but it was okay. I still managed to buy a pretty black dress and some t shirts for my boys.

After Venice we headed up to third street promenade and it was pretty busy there as well. Had an early dinner at an expensive Italian restaurants because all the cheaper places were packed. Had planned to spend $50 on dinner, and ended up spending $132...ouch! After dinner we strolled around third street and soaked up the fun atmosphere. I always say this, but we should do this more often!

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