Friday, January 22, 2010

When it's Raining...

It's still raining. Starting to run out of ideas to entertain the little angel. Today we went to Jungleland, an indoor playground, with our buddies. Hayden loved it. He got to run around with his buddies, and I got to hang with my friends, a win win situation.

So everyone is talking about the rain. I'm actually okay with it; I still like it. We have sunshine almost 365 days a year, so having a week's worth of rain is soothing to me. The gloomy light is actually a comforting contrast to the constant sharp sun light. Another perk of the rain is that dust and dustballs are not as visible as they are in sunlight. I don't feel as compelled to constantly have to clean. It's relaxing. I can actually sit by my laptop, check my mail, go on facebook, and write about my day without feeling guilty and stressed out over things I should be doing. When the weather is nice I feel like I have to be out there walking the dog, going to the park, run errands, clean house. When it's raining we all have a good excuse not to be out there driving. It's okay to curl up on the couch, watch tv, read a good book, and basically be lazy. Anyone else agree?


  1. Totally agree. There is a time for everything.
    Tried to call you a couple of times. Will try again. Give Sophia a big congrats-hug from me on the drivers license, good job Sophia, well done Monica!

  2. Tack Nettan. Dina ord varmde som alltid.