Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Progressive Dinner Party

Had a progressive dinner party last night with our best friends. We're a group of 5 couples and we do a lot of dinnerparties together, but this time we decided to make it more interesting by moving from house to house. We decided on a theme and Japanese won the vote. Each couple was to pick a dish and serve it at their house.

So, we started with appetizers and soup in the first couple's home and of course saki, then we had sushi at our house with a champagne toast followed by white wine, more sushi and a chicken dish at the second house and more saki, and finally dessert and more champagne at the last house. All the food was amazing, and the drinks weren't too bad either. Thank god for having teenagers. Our daughters were babysitting the toddler, and one of them also volunteered to be our designated driver, so we could totally relax and enjoy! All in all a great evening! Next progressive dinner will be Italian, and I am assigned to do dessert. Any amazing ideas anyone?

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