Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Importance of Female Friendships

Had a great night out last night with my friends. The food was fantastic and we had some great conversations. Yes we talked about our kids, but also learned more about eachother as women. We're all different ages and from different educational and socioeconomic backgrounds which makes it all more interesting. The youngest in our group is 22 and the oldest is 44 (which is me). My bonus daughter is 20, only two years younger than my friend. Could not imagine my daughter having two kids at the age of 22 like my friend. But she handles it beautifully and seems mature beyond her years. We all said we have to do this more often because it it so nurturing for the soul to have great female friends. Not that my husband is not nurturing and sensitive to my needs, on the contrary, he does a fantastic job, but there is something about the conversations that women have with eachother when they get close. I look forward to our next getogether with and without kids.

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