Friday, January 1, 2010

Teen age driving

My daughter didn't make the drive test yesterday. She got too nervous and didn't pay enough attention taking an unprotected left turn. She rolled forward and had her wheels turned. She knew she had to wait for the oncoming traffic, but supposedly the driving instructor got too nervous and failed her. My daughter was heartbroken and bawled her eyes out, "Of couse I wasn't going to turn left in front of the oncoming traffic. I was going to let them pass before I turned left." Well honey, how's the instructor suppose to know that you know what you're doing. Experienced drivers may roll forward slightly and have their wheels turned even though it's not recommended. But a novice? Hell no. You probably scared the s-t out of her.

My daughter used some choice words to describe the terrible instructor that failed her, and I listened and tried to be compassionate, but hey, just get back in that saddle and try again. You won't make that mistake again. She will re test in 2 weeks. We'll kep our fingers crossed. She really is a good driver.

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  1. Oh Monica that is too bad :( she will get it next time!! How would you want that job.....driving tester for teenagers....OI VEY...