Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Living life uncluttered

I'm helping my lovely bonus daughter unclutter her life. First we took care of her finances, so that her credit scores won't go down the toilet. We linked our accounts, so that I can help her budget and monitor her spending. We paid off all her bills and store credit cards and cut them up, after closing the accounts. Then we breathed a deep sigh of relief before we went to tackle her room. That was the next thing on our clutter list. We took out three bags of trash and three bags of clothing to give to charity. Now we could actually see what her room looked like, and I think we can actually fit her clothes and shoes in the closet space and drawers provided. What an accomplishment! We all make mistakes, but hopefully we learn fom them and move on. My poor girl had been so stressed out that it affected her physically and mentally. Of course she waited until last minute to tell us her dilemma.I hope she can now sleep well at night!

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