Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I feel so broke. Haven't had an income for 10 months, and the bills and expenses are never ending. I know it was my choice to quit my job to stay home with Hayden, but there have been quite a few unexpected expenses. There has been car troubles, my trip to Sweden in April, and increases in tuition costs. And now I have to go to Sweden again. Probably in November. My dad is living on borrowed time, so hubby, Hayden and I will probably go in November. I have to start making money soon to help pay for all this. I sure hope my health certifications that I'm working on will pay off. But what if I don't get any clients? Times are rough for a lot of people. Will they prioritize their health and pay for personal training and nutrition counceling? Or do I have to go back to hospital nursing? I hope not! But, that's my biggest fear.

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