Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Staying in Shape with Pilates and Hiking

Today we're going hiking with friends. It's become quite a regular thing, but in ten days I'm leaving for Sweden, so who's going to make sure my friends keep it up? And what do I do if it rains everyday in Sweden? I have to keep up the walking too. It's amazing how hiking in the hills keep you in shape. It's not like strolling through the neighborhood. I have to have a back up plan, so I will bring a couple of Pilates DVDs. It's become my passion. I have never tried a workout that is as challenging yet easy to do anywhere because it doesn't require much room. Just a mat on the floor, a bottle of water and a dvd player unless you have all the moves memorized. And best of all, the toddler likes to lay next to me and pretend he is doing Pilates too. So when people say, "I have little kids and no baby sitter, so I can't work out" I'll say, "Invest in a good jogging stroller, throw your kids in it and explore the neighborhood and local trails, or buy some work out dvds and have fun with your kids". My toddler loves it, it's good for both of us.

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