Monday, April 5, 2010

Post Easter Thoughts

So, we made it through a busy Easter weekend! On Good Friday we had an Easter egg hunt and brunch at our house with a bunch of 2 year olds and their moms, then a dinner at some friends' house. After only a few hours of sleep, Saturday came rolling in with a vengeance. Still had preps to do for Easter Sunday and our oldest 21st birthday. Got the cake ordered, made a card, had a grueling class of Pilates, did some gardening and then collapsed in front of the TV in the early evening hours. Sunday morning we had a birthday breakfast with all the kids attending...yeah...doesn't happen too often! My husband made scrambled eggs, and the 17 year old made pancakes while I organized a fruit platter. Then we dyed easter eggs which of course I forgot later and never brought out to the dinner table.

After breakfast the kids all scattered and did their own thing while hubby and I made the rest of the preps for the Easter/birthday dinner. We pretty much cooked all day, picked up the cake, and picked up toys to have the house somewhat presentable. We were to have all the kids and the birthday girl's boyfriend, and some friends of ours. It turned out that the 17 year old daughter had to work, and wasn't participating at all. The 21 year old had drama going on with friends and showed up a little late and a little stressed. Our friends who I had included because their kids were in Europe visiting grandparents, and thus they were alone, didn't show up until we had all hour and a half after they were supposed to be at my house. We couldn't wait with dinner because the birthday girl had plans for later, and I had made my friends very well aware of that fact, and that dinner was at 4:30!

So, what did I learn from this? Stop trying to do so much for everyone else, and start getting more selfish. Why should I care so much about putting on this great birthday dinner, go out of my way to get a great cake fom a bakery on Easter Sunday, invite friends who doesn't have the decency to be on time when they specifically had been told that we were on a time frame because of the birthday girl's schedule? Bottom line, no more cooking for hours unless everyone promise they will be on time and stay throughout the evening. I hate "eat and run" events. Not my thing. Maybe it's the European in me! It's either that or I'll just order pizza!

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  1. Sorry Monica....sounds like a lot of work and a very stressful day...cake is adorable though!!!