Thursday, December 10, 2009

Moms' night

Had some girlfriends over for drinks and appetizers last night. We had so much fun. Everybody talking at could tell we don't get out much. And we didn't even drink that much...I was surprised. We had leftovers. As a matter of fact I just came home from a grueling pilates class and I was going to make myself a cup of tea when I remembered the leftover bubbly from yesterday. I just poured myself a glass and it's still good....aaahhh. I think we are going to make this a monthly thing. We could all use it.

So I'm sipping my champagne as the rain is pouring outside. This is southern California, so this is a treat for me. We don't get much rain. It did rain on Monday and I took the opportunity to take the two year old to the park, so that he could jump in puddles. Who knows when he'll get to do that again. I did take a couple of pictures...he was so excited "Drinking rain, drinking rain" he exclaimed with his tongue out of his mouth. It sure did bring back childhood memories of Sweden.

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