Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's been an interesting morning, and it's only 10 am. Started off with an early hike at 7:30 with my husband spotting a mountain lion! I'm walking in my own little world staring down at the trail as the sun is already relentlessly beating down on us. All of a sudden my husband exclaimed "That's a BIG bobcat!" I look up and it's gone. My husband starts describing it to me, "It was a large cat with a long tail that leapt across the trail as it spotted us 30 feet away". Problem is, bobcats don't have tails. It was a mountainlion...oops! My husband reported it! And now I'm sitting in my backyard watching the toddler and his best friend Viv splashing around in the kiddie pool. Well, life is an adventure. So bummed I didn't spot the lion. What a treat that would have been!

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